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Project: Smoking Cessation Practice Workshop

Target Indicator Result
3.a Strengthen the implementation of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in all countries, as appropriate 3.a.1 Age-standardized prevalence of current tobacco use among persons aged 15 years and older New graduate dental student have a positive attitude in the role of the dentistry profession And bring the knowledge gained to advice to help people who want to quit smoking properly

Practicing and strengthening the sixth-year dental students who are graduating as new dentists to be able to lead and advise to patients about how to stop smoking effectively.They can help patients quit by advising them to quit,offering brief counseling, prescribing cessation medications, connecting them to additional resources, like a quit line and following up with continued support to help prevent relapse.

Impact Level

Impact on life and property This increases the death rate from chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and emphysema. In addition to smoking, it directly affects the health of the smoker. Tobacco smoke also affects others who have inhaled it.

Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Dentistry Student Club
Mrs. Taewee Wichaidith
10 Jul 23 10:18